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PV: Serenity the Butterfly Girl by PacificIslanderGirl PV: Serenity the Butterfly Girl by PacificIslanderGirl



Edit: I hope I get in and I swear I'll change the wings and pokemon if that the prob?! (TTvTT)9

Name: Serenity Devereux
Gender: Female ♀
Age: 21

height: 5'7
weight: 120

Notable Features:
~Has a beauty mark on her face
~There's  a mongolian flower Tattoo on the lower part of her back to waist
~Remarkabley large Season colored wings
~Can tranform into Vivillion Pokeform and Humanform
~Wears Elegant type of clothes
~Likes to put her hair in Asian styles


Date of Birth: April 26 Tuarus
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual,Single

Alex(Clauncher)- Her boss and friend that she loves/hate to work at the restuarant or places that she gets task from her for stuff.

Works at: Restuarant as a Waitress

Pokemon: #666Vivillion :thumb392925354:

Type: :iconbugtypeplz: :iconflyingtypeplz:

Compound Eyes

  Use This move to cool off or get other out of her way
-:iconpsychictypeplz: Psybeam
  The move use to confuse other sif they harm her and her move can sting them too
-:iconfairytypeplz: Draining Kiss
  A kiss that she like to do on pokemon or person that she like only and get more energy from
  A time when she needs to relax or help others relaxe by using this move
Serenity is the talktive gal and pick the choices she needs to do. She is kind, independent, sincere, socialble, energetic and sassy. Unlike her negative traits she can sometimes be melancholy, rabid, naive, moody, irratating, sour, or even sullen. So, yeah she like to be cheery or be sensitive to spend times with friends or foes. Sernity will have fine judgment and seem to possess an instinct for making the right decision at the opportune time. There is a serious side that isn't always noticeable beneath her amiable exteriors. There is also likely to be some secret lurking in her past too.
+Classy,Peaceful, and Sweet songs
-Dark colors
-Farting noises
Serenity Deveruex was born in the Kalos region. She had a American Winter Vivillion mother name Mary and a French Butterfree father name Maxwell. In her family she has two little twin Caterpie brothers living with her parents in the Kalos region. As for her she decided to move to the Pokemon Village when she'd envoled into a mature Vivillion. Thus, making herself live in the Pokemon Village and making new friends there.
When Serenity moved to the Pokemon Village, she knew that she needed a job to survive there. So, she went out of her hotel to just sit on a bench and discovered to see a help wanted sign across from her. That Help Wanted sign was on a restuarant, which led her to follow it's fine cuisuine aroma that made her drool and flutter towards the place. When she came in there she saw the Pokemon Clauncher Ginjika owner name Alex sitting at the Register. Thus, she asked if she could be an waitress and mabey cook some food to pay after work since she was hungry after all and got job and was able to pay her bills at that hotel the next days too... Yay!
Additional Info:
~Half French,Half American
~Excises occationally during afternoons like jogging,yoga, and doing warm-ups
~Like all type of Pokemon People
~Likes to Chill at the Cafe
~Sings sometimes at home or in the shower
~Yonders to other places
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