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Rabbito-Dauto App: Misaki Mori by PacificIslanderGirl Rabbito-Dauto App: Misaki Mori by PacificIslanderGirl

For :iconrabbito-dauto::iconrabbito-dauto::iconrabbito-dauto: group I recen't love watching~ :heart:

Edit: Omg I got in!!!X3

Bullet; RedMethods of Role-Playing:

Note me or chat with me if you wanna rp~:heart:

Comments are fine

I might come to the chat by time to time

Bullet; Red Name:
Misaki Mori 美咲森 Her name means Beautiful Bloom tree
Bullet; Red Phone: 
A Nokia which is probably banned from Japan, but Misaki got the phone as a gift from her relatives from India. There also a grey rabbit charm she made which she made when she was 9 and dressed it with a purple dress, yellow jacket, white panties, and a pink bow~:heart: Then she tied it with white stretchy string! So, pretty much she is a rabbit if she has that charm with her at all times!

Bullet; Red Weapon:

A pair of Misaki Mori featured fans that have stainless steel knives/blades behind it which she can dettached it if in case she needs it to defend herself... There are aboout 18 of them behind those fans. Plus she can use them as woverine cosplay! lol XD

  In The Description

Bullet; Red Name: Misaki
Bullet; Red Alias: CherīMori チェリー森  Meaning 'Cherry Forest'
Bullet; Red Age: 17

Bullet; Red Birthday: April 16

Bullet; Red Gender: Female

Bullet; Red Weapon Choice:  A pair of fans that she got in a festival once
Bullet; Red Opinion On What Is Happening: 

 We'll actually she feels suprised that there was such a game here in Japan. So, while she was chatting with her friend Rieko and a Anomynous message popped out. It was titled Rabbit Doubt and it said Would you like to start a game and below it had a bloody rabbit with the option Yes or No. She thought is was funny cause it was from a some stranger, so she just pressed Yes persistantly that night.

Bullet; Red Relationship's:


Atsushi Mori-(40) Her Dad who is Japan

Maari Chandra Chaturvedi Mori-(39) Her Mom who is Indian.

Tigger Mori-(2) Her Pet Cat that look like a small tiger

Reiko Renjiro-(17) Her best friend and childhood classmate since elementary

In the Game:

Bullet; Red Personality: Misaki is the Peppy kind of gal. Shes alway happy and enjoys being alive in Japan. Though sometimes she can be moody on time to time when there's something wrong but she can just go back to being genorous when making mistakes in her life. Also she quiet outgoing and has lots of freinds in Kyoto, Japan and mostly like hanging out with her friends too. So, Misaki is just your regular happy go lucky, strong, and smart gal~!
Bullet; Red Likes/ Dislikes:  





+Right Desicions






-Being Alone
Bullet; Red History:

 Misaki Mori was born on a raining after noon in Kyoto. She and her family lived the ordinary middle class life in Kyoto and live there her whole life. She went to Kyoto Gaidai Nish High School. In that school she met her childhood friend Reiko from elementary and was happy to see her again in the first year of High school. Everyday Misaki and Reiko went out after school and became best friends.
>>Rabbit Doubt<<
After pressing the yes option, popped out words "Enjoy the Game Little Rabbit~". Then her charm move and made a jingle a sound and a bright light shine real bright. Everthing went white and she was just laying on a meadow opening seeing a gloomy sky with a school just nearby.  She only had her phone, black school Tote bag with some school supplies and her pair of fans that her mom gave her. Then she yelled, "where the heck am I!? *looks at phone message* Oh no! I'm in the Rabbit Doubt game and became a player in this game somehow!?" Misaki sighs "Aw man today I have to deal with this, I wish my best friends Reiko be here to help me..."

(OPTIONAL ) Bullet; Red Other:

~She has a Kansai Accent.

~A third year in Kyoto Gaidai Nishi High School

~Has a birthmark shape like a cherry blossome bloom

~ Is afraid of Thunder

~She's Bisexual btw

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Kusachii Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
//whispers :iconsexybrowsplz: Wat an adorable child~~ asfkjnaskj //papspaps her
Also, welcome to RD!! 8DD Hope Misaki can make a lot of friends in the group!!

PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
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Tomochika Shibuya (Laughing) [V2] Misaki:Arigoto~ OH, I hope so! Lets be friend~!<3
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