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THA: ROSE by PacificIslanderGirl THA: ROSE by PacificIslanderGirl
My app for  :icontachikawa-high:                                                                                                                                                     Name:Rose Santos
Nickname:Rosie, Rossette, Rose-Chan, Shorty, girl, miss and lots more....

Grade:9th Freshmen
Club:Likes to join sports mabey..

✔ Chocolate Milk
✔ Coca-Cola
✔ Flowers
✔ Her friends
✔ Sunny days
✔ Sci-fi
✔ Strawberries
✔ Peacocks and Penguins
Dislikes:                                                                                                                               ✘ Her band aids on her
✘ Being late for school
✘ Getting yelled at
✘ Losing points
✘ Sad people
✘ Dark colors

Her personality is sporty, energetic and outgoing.
■ She is real pro in almost every sport ever.
■ Very enthuastic and hyper doing anything
■ usually a procrastinator and sometimes have a hard time listening to other people due to a hearing problem
■ She has a short attention span, a literal airhead. The only way to make her focus at you is to do things that really catch her interest.
■ she’s smart and her grades are average, but her hyperness make her think too much about sports.
■ Kind of talkative and likes to meet people like a ninja
■ Is naïve sometimes
■ she can annoy people sometime and push them too hard also.

Chammorro, Born in and raised in Guam, with her mother, father. older sister (me) and three younger brothers. Her familiy is pretty much and ordinary and swell family, so there is nothing bad about it.
Kindergarten / Preschool
Her father is a strong national guard that goes on deployments and travel to any mission of war and he became a vetern for that by traveling on planes and being free for that. Then he ussually comes back to love our mother. After returning from the war of somewhere in the middle east he made my sister Rose Santos and younger brother Dorian Santos and had yet another happy anniversiry. After two years we decided to go to Lousianna for one of dads missions and then moved back to Guam. Then a few year later living and going out in Guam we had two younger brothers and another younger sister.

Elementary School
As us six siblings grew up , their academic results were always average. None of the siblings ever caused real trouble, and aside from a few silly fights, they always got along. As Dorian, James Jr. and Dartan'yn inherited their father's love for speed and adventures, Rose mother had got her talent to join sports that she was good at, even if she never explored it at full potential. She would rather focus on school and her grades to make her able to join as many of her own sports.                                                                                                                                 MiddleSchool/JuniorHigh                                                                                                  In middle school she was a bit bullied in those years and felt lonely since she felt like a outcast... Through those three years she always like holding sports balls most of the time. She would ussually throw them hard to the ground or far away to relieve her stress against the kids that bullied her and called her names.
Summer before starting Tachikawa High
Rose would enjoy her summer hanging out at the beach, playing volleyball and swimming with childhood freinds that didn't bullied and even familly members too. She would be always excited to go to the summer carnival to go on rides and eat yummy treats in Guam. It was a really fun summer vacation for her in her homeland Guam.                                                                                                                             Then at age 14, her path and her sibling's took different directions. Her older sister was sent to a private school in Guam where she could prepare herself for artcollege in the United States or elswhere. Her three younger brothers was sent to a military school. And Rose, was sent to Tachikawa High, to attend and set her goals there.

Additional Info:

• Shes a A cup
• Has a marylyn monroe beauty mark oon th right sid of her lip
• Likes to twiddle her thumbs
• Sometime make pencil bitings during test
• Likes to braid hair
• Is an Athletic Otaku
• A combo of my little sister and me
• Like to do low mono tone voice
• Wants to go to Korea someday
• Shes Made up and not real this is only an if situation if I really had Rose as my middle sister
Hoy! Hafa, par~?!
Single <3
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